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20 Feb 2022 · #quotes

Evidence should not determine beliefs but update them.

19 Jan 2022 · #quotes
Any strength done too much can become a weakness.
26 Nov 2019 · #quotes #leadership

“Listening without interrupting, correcting, contradicting, getting highly excited, questioning, spacing out, or giving advice is one of the deepest spiritual practices anyone can explore.”

23 Nov 2018 · #quotes #leadership

“Tomorrow owes you the sum of your yesterdays. No more than that. … And no less. Sometimes folk wish tomorrow did not pay them off so completely.”

25 Sep 2015 · #quotes

“Just because it’s nobody’s responsibility, doesn’t mean it’s not yours.”

03 Sep 2015 · #quotes

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”